Every month we launch a number of ALD Release contracts, for both individuals and businesses who have discovered the benefits of a 12-month lease. Perfect when private leasing has become too expensive due to rising interest rates and the uncertainty of long-term contracts, or for businesess that need immediate mobility needs solved. And what do our customers say about the service?


“Smooth car ownership at a competitive price!”

“Great salesman, fair price and a complete package!”

“Super satisfied, the car is like new and everything has worked very well.”

“Smooth and easy to handle everything digitally and on the phone.”

“Everything went smoothly and easily and all questions were quickly answered”

“Good treatment, smooth with digital signatures, good condition of the car”

“Very good service, wonderful car we got without hassle”


Customer rating 8,9/10


The reviews on this page are collected via follow-up emails to ALD Release customers, published with their permission.