How do I book a service for my car?

When the car indicates service, you make an appointment with a workshop in our service network by using our booking tool. If you have ALD Release Plus, the cost of the service is included in your monthly rent. NOTE! It is important that the service is carried out in a timely manner according to the car’s service plan to avoid faults occurring. Missed or late service will also lead to unnecessary costs upon return.


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How do I get my car inspected?

For those with ALD Release Basic, you are responsible for booking and paying for the inspection of your car, and following up on any measures to ensure that the car is always legal to drive. You can see the car’s current inspection period in your registration certificate.

With ALD Release Plus, you as the driver will be provided with a requisition containing information regarding the inspection date and available stations. You then book the time for inspection yourself, while we as the leasing provider cover the cost of the inspection.


How do I deal with seasonal changes and tire wear?

For those with ALD Release Basic, you are responsible for the purchase and seasonal change of your tires, and for ensuring that the tires meet the applicable requirements for condition and tread depth. For those with ALD Release Plus, the seasonal change of your tires is included in your lease rent, as well as new tires after normal wear and tear. Contact one of our partners below when it is time to change to winter/summer wheels or when the tires are worn out.



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