Who can drive the car?

It is up to you as the lessee to decide who can drive the car you are leasing, although there is an additional excess for people under 24 years of age. You are free to lend the car to friends and family, but you as the lessee are always responsible for the car.


How many kilometers can I drive per year?

Our contracts always include 1000 kilometers per year, but depending on what you and your salesperson agreed on at the start of the contract, you may be entitled to 2000 or 3000 kilometers per year. You cannot add extra miles during your current contract and any extra miles will be charged on return at 10 SEK including VAT. You can see how many kilometers you can drive per year on your contract.


Why is my first invoice so high?

Your first invoice will cover the period from the day the car is delivered up to and including the full month following the month of invoicing as leasing is invoiced in advance. This means that the first invoice always covers at least two months.


How do I change my billing method?

As a customer, you can choose to receive your invoice by email or by post. We automatically send the invoice in PDF format to your email address, but if you prefer to receive it in paper format, please contact us. You can also choose e-invoice as your payment method. To switch to e-invoice, log in to your online bank and register ALD Automotive as an e-invoice recipient. Then fill in your customer number, which you will find on your invoice.


Which terms and conditions apply?

You can find all terms and conditions here.