Let us introduce a new kind of leasing, with used cars, carefully selected and in top condition. ALD Release is the leasing form for both companies and private individuals, when one year seems more appropriate than three-year cycles.
ALD Release is available in two different leasing forms depending on what suits you best.

Some of the benefits of ALD Release, regardless of the type of lease:

– No cash deposit
– No set-up fees
– Fixed interest rate
– Immediate delivery
– Free termination after 12 months
– No need to worry about second-hand value, we take the residual value risk


Choose whether you want to take care of everything yourself or rather make your car ownership simple

ALD Release is available in two leasing options, depending on how much you want to take care of yourself. In the ALD Release Basic version, only the car is included. You as the driver are responsible for keeping it fully insured throughout the contract period, buying winter tires, ensuring that service intervals are followed and carried out at an authorized brand workshop.

For SEK 795 per month (including VAT), you can upgrade to ALD Release Plus and make your car lease really easy. In addition to the leasing fee, this includes insurance, summer and winter tires, tire change, inspection and service (for normal wear and tear). You will receive all car-related costs on one invoice, thus simplifying the administration of the car or cars.

Both leasing packages include our Customer Care and for corporate customers also our customer portal My ALD where you can, for example, see contract-related information, report mileage, book service or report damage, etc. Vehicle tax, congestion tax and parking fines are not included in any of the leasing packages and are always paid by you as a customer.


Vhat’s included in ALD Release Basic andALD Release Plus?

ALD Release Basic ALD Release Plus
Car X X
Free termination after 12 months X X
No down payment X X
No set-up fee X X
Fixed interest rate X X
Customer Care X X
My ALD customer portal (for business customers) X X
Service & repairs (for normal wear and tear) X
Insurance X
Summer and winter tires X
Seasonal change of tires X
Inspection X
All car-related costs on one invoice (leasing, congestion taxes, insurance, service etc) X


What does it cost?

Each car has a unique price depending on the make, model, age, mileage, equipment, etc. On each item page, you can see what the particular car you are interested in would cost per month with ALD Release Basic and 10 000 kilometers per year. Based on this, you can make two choices;

  • Add more kilometers per year: do you want 20 000 or 30 000 kilometers to be included? Contact us for a favorable quote.
  • Upgrade to ALD Release Plus; make your car ownership simple and upgrade your lease at the start of the contract to ALD Release Plus for SEK 795 incl. VAT/month, which includes insurance, summer and winter tires, tire change, inspection and service (of normal wear and tear) to a value of up to SEK 2,050 incl. VAT/month*.

*The value is calculated based on cars in stock at a given date. The actual value of the service varies depending on make, model, age and mileage.

Secure car ownership with immediate delivery

We provide a wide range of cars, all available for immediate delivery. The range is regularly updated with different types of cars to suit different needs. All cars are returned leasing cars in top condition with complete service history and warranty.

Here on the website or in our car showroom in Täby kyrkby you can see which cars are available to lease right now. If none fit your preferences, you can create a watch list and receive an email when an item that matches your criteria is received.


Who is ALD Release suitable for?

Whether you choose ALD Release Basic or ALD Release Plus, this is a flexible and affordable lease with immediate delivery of a car in good condition with a full service history. Contracts are signed for 24 months, but already after 11 months you can terminate the contract at no extra charge with one month’s notice, which in practice means that with this form of leasing you can change the car every year, have a fixed monthly cost and a secure car lease.

  • For the company that has a temporary need for a car or wants a pool car.
  • For the entrepreneur who is used to a company car but wants to change more often than every 3 years.
  • For the private individual who wants to have a comfortable car lease and be able to change cars according to the needs of their home.

If you compare the content and price with other operators, you will also see that the price is hard to beat.

You can find more information under FAQ and if you want to read our terms and conditions, you can find them here. Contact us if you have any questions or want to know more.

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