In what condition should the car be returned?
The car must be returned in a condition that can be expected from a car that has been carefully maintained and cared for throughout the contract period. This means, for example, that it should have been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s service intervals, have all equipment intact and be free of damage. If the car has suffered abnormal wear and tear, you may have to pay compensation for this when the car is returned.


What do I do if I want to terminate my contract?

You have a 30-day notice period on your contract. If you want to terminate the contract before 12 months, 30% of the remaining lease rent (until month 12) will be charged as a cancellation fee. If you terminate your contract after 12 months, no cancellation fee will be charged. To terminate the agreement, you need to send a written notice of termination to containing your plate number, your name and the date from which you wish to terminate the agreement. You will then receive a link to a return form which you must also complete and submit.


Can I buy my ALD Release car?
Yes, the purchase price is set at the market price that ALD Automotive assesses upon request. To get a purchase price, send an enquiry to with your plate number and a picture of the car’s current odometer reading.